Connaître votre personnalité en trois questions

Je sais que je vais me répéter, mais bon sang, pourquoi des tests non professionnels me représentent si bien?! Au lieu de répondre à une série interminable de questions, je n’ai besoin que de trois questions pour connaître ma personnalité (je la connaissais déjà) :

Your Personality Is

Artisan (SP)

You are both grounded and flexible. You adapt well to new situations.You are playful and free spirited – but you are also dependable and never flaky.

You don’t do well in conservative, stuffy situations.

It’s probably very hard for you to keep a normal job or stay in school.

You are always up for fun and adventure. Most people are too boring for you.

You take risks and bend the rules. And if things don’t work out, you chock it up to life experience.

In love, you tend to take things quickly – but you have a huge problem with commitment.

At work, you need to make your own rules. You’re best suited to be an entrepreneur.

With others, you are animated and physical. You prefer doing something with friends to just hanging out.

As far as your looks go, you tend to be buff and in good shape. Your spend more time on your body than your clothes.

On weekends, you need to keep active. From cooking up a storm to running a 5K, you wear yourself out.

The Three Question Personality Test

J’ai mis en gras une partie du texte qui me représente énormément. Un de ces jours, je vous dirai de ce que je pense du système éducatif stantardisé… Pour l’instant, j’aimerais connaître vos résultats ;-).


4 Responses to Connaître votre personnalité en trois questions

  1. daria dit :

    Moi ça fait 2 fois déjà dans ces tests qu’ils disent que j’aime bien être leader…non non non

    Voilà quand même le résultat du test avec lequel je ne suis pas trop d’accord, organisée certes mais pas à ce point !

    Your Personality Is

    Guardian (SJ)

    You are sensible, down to earth, and goal oriented.
    Bottom line, you are good at playing by the rules.

    You tend to be dominant – and you are a natural leader.
    You are interested in rules and order. Morals are important to you.

    A hard worker, you give your all at whatever you do.
    You’re very serious, and people often tell you to lighten up.

    In love, you tend to take things carefully and slowly.

    At work, you are suited to almost any career – but you excel in leadership positions.

    With others, you tend to be polite and formal.

    As far as looks go, you are traditionally attractive. You take good care of yourself.

    On weekends, you tend to like to do organized activities. In fact, you often organize them!

    The Three Question Personality Test

  2. helran dit :

    Idem je suis Artisan.

  3. wijdane dit :

    savoir ma personalité**

  4. Hello mates, how is the whole thing, and what you wish for to say about this paragraph, in my view its genuinely awesome designed for me.

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